Software Simulation

Problem in software engineering was not going through proper planning.
We build systems like the Wright Brothers build "aircrafts" build the whole thing, push it off a cliff, let it crash, and start over again.

What is Simulation?

Simulation is the imitation of the operation of a real-world process or system overtime.
System Simulation is a set of technique that uses computers to imitate the operations of the various real-world task or processes through simulation.

How System Simulation Works?

• 1) Simulating first requires that model be developed.
• 2) Model posses characteristics, behaviors of selected abstract system.
• 3) Computer describe a display Complex interaction among multiple variable within a system.

Simulation is used in many context such as:
1- simulation of Technology
2- Safety Engineering
3- Testing
4- training
5- education
6- video game
7- scientific modelling
8- human system modelling
9- clinical Healthcare Simulator

Today, software tools for system modelling and simulation are being used to help to eliminate surprises reactive, computer based system are built. These tools are applied during system engineering process.
Role of hardware and software, database and people is being specified. These tools enable a system engineer to "test drive" a specification of the system.

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