Requirement Engineering: Requirement Analysis

Analysis categorizes requirement and organizes them into related subject.
Examine Requirements for consistency, omissions an ambiguity and ranks requirements based on the need of customers/ users.

As the requirement analysis activity commences, the following questions are asked and answered:

•- Is each requirement consistent with the overall objective for the system product?
• - have all requirement been specified at the proper level of abstraction?
• - Is the requirement really necessary or does it represent an add-on feature that may not be essential to the objective of the system?
• - Is each requirement bounded and unambiguous?
• - Do any requirements have conflict with other Requirements?

Requirement specification:

The activity of translating the information gathered during the analysis activity into a document that defines a set of requirements.
Two types of requirements may be included in this document

• - User Requirements are abstract statements of the system requirements for the customer and end-user of the system.
• - System Requirements are more detailed description of the functionality to be provided.

Requirement validation:

This activities check the requirements for realism, consistency and completeness. During this process, errors in the requirements document are inevitably discovered. It must be then be modified to correct this problems.

04- Requirement Engineering- Validation and Specification


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