>Phases in Requirement Engineering Process:

There are four phase in Requirement Engineering

- feasibility study
- Requirement Elicitation and Analysis
- Requirement Specification
- Requirement Validation

Feasibility study:

A feasibility study is quite important phase in which high management decides on the feasibility report that whether or not the proposed system is worthwhile.


Feasibility study checks:

- If the system contributes organisational objectives.
- If the system can be engineered using current technology and swithin budget.
- If the system can be integrated with other systems that are used.

That means concentrate on following areas:

- Operational Feasibility
- Technical Feasibility
- Economic Feasibility

The main aim of the feasibility study is not thinking how to solve problem, back to determine whether the problem is work solving.

Feasibility study leads to a decision:

•- Go Ahead
•- Do Not Go Ahead
•- Think again

Outcome of feasibility study:

Based on the information assessment (what is required ), information collection and report writing we get list of questions

-• What if the system was not implemented?
- what are current project problems?
- how will be the proposed system help?
- What will be integration problems?
- is new technology needed?
- is new skill(staff, team members) required?
- what facilities must be supported by the proposed system?

02- Requirement Engineering Phases - Feasibility Study- Software Engineering


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