Risk Analysis And Management:

What is a Risk in Risk Management?

Risk is made up of two parts

•- the probability of something going wrong and

•- the negative consequences if it does.

"Project Risk" is a problem that could cause some lose or threaten the success of a software project, but which has not happened yet. These problem can drastically impact on the schedule, cost or technical success of the software project, the quality of software product or project team Morale.

Categories Of Risk

Categories of Risk:

• 1) Project Risk: These are those risk that affect the project schedule or resources .

Example: Loss of an experience coder.

So finding a replacement coder with the appropriate skills and experience automatically take long time in completion.

• 2) Product Risks: This affect the Quality or Performance of the software being developed.

Example: Low Performance

Developed product do not performing as expect with effect overall performance of the system.

• 3) Business Risks: Risks that affect the organization developing or loss of software.

Example: Introduction of a new product by competitor.

Sale of a product affected with the launch of some kind of product bike competitor which majorly affect the business and its earning of software.

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