Project Estimation Techniques

The main activities which comes under software project planning:

# Estimation,

# Scheduling,

# Risk Analysis,

# Quality Management Planning,

# Change management planning.

Estimation: It Is an attempt to determine how much money, efforts, resources and time it will take to build a specific software based system or project.

Who does estimation? :

• Software manager does estimation using information collected from customers and software Engineers and

• software metrics data collected from past projects.

• Assumption taken from experience .

• Identified risks and feasibility helps in estimation.

Steps for Estimations:

• -> Estimate the size of the development product

• -> Estimate the effect in person- month or person - hours quality

• -> Estimate the schedule in calendar months.

• ->Estimate the project cost in agreed currency.

Before a final estimate is made, problem complexity and risk are considered.

"Estimate Risk" is measured by the degree of uncertainty in the quantitative estimate established by the resources, and schedule.

21-Project Estimation Technique- Software Engineering Tutorials In HINDI


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