Project Planning

Project planning is one of the most important activities and is an ongoing effort throughout the life of the project.

Project planning complete the essential activities:

•- Estimating the following attributes of the project

• Project size: What will be problem complexity in terms of the effort and time required to develop the product.

•Cost: How much is it going to cost to develop the project?

•Duration: How long is it going to take to complete the software project development.

•Effort: How much effort would be required?

•-Scheduling manpower and other resources.

•- Staff Organization and Staffing Plans.

•- Risk Identification, Analysis, and Abatement Planning.

•- Miscellaneous plans such as quality assurance plan, configuration management plan,etc.

Who does Project Management:

Software Project Managers- using information selected from customers and software engineer and software metrics data collected from the past projects.

How to do that?

A simple table delineating the task to be performed, the functions to be implemented and the cost, efforts and time involved for each is generated. A list of required for that resources is also produced .

project planing key tasks Project Planning key tasks: Set goal and scope, select life cycle,set organisational team form, start team selection ,determine risks, create wbs, identify tasks, estimate size, estimate effort,identify task dependencies, assign resources, schedule work.

18-Project Planning- Software Engineering Tutorials In HINDI.pdf


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