Project Metrics :

The processes which comes under the software development project needs to be measured in order to get assured the well progress of software development.

Software Metrics provide measures for various aspects of software process and software product.

There are various type of Metrics like:

a) Process metrics
b) project metrics
c) product metrics
d) organizational metrics

What is a Project Metrics:

These are metric that pertain to project quality. They are used to quantify defects, cost, schedule, productivity and estimation of various resources and deliverables.

• Schedule variance: Any difference between the schedule completion of an activity the actual completion of an activity and the actual completion is known as schedule variance.
Schedule variance Schedule variance=((actual calendar days - planned calendar days)+ start variance)/ planned calendar day*100

• Effort variance (EV) : Difference between the planned outlined efforts and the effort required to actually undertake the task is called effort variance.
EV EV=(actual effort - planned effort) / planned effort *100

• Size Variance: Difference between the estimated size of the project and the actual size of the project (normally KLOC or FP)
Size variance Size variance =(actual size - estimated size)/ estimated size 100

•Requirement Stability Index: provides visibility to the magnitude and impact of requirement changes
RSI RSI= 1-((number of changed+ number of deleted+ number of added)/ total number of initial requirements)*100

•Productivity (Project): It is a measure of output from a related process for a unit of input.
Project productivity = actual project size/ actual effort expended in the project. Project productivity

•Productivity (For test case preparatio):
= actual number of test cases/ actual effort expanded in the test case preparation.

•Productivity(For test case execution):
= actual number of test cases/ actual effort expanded in testing.

• Productivity(defect detection):
= actual number of defects(review + testing)/ actual effort spent on(review + testing)

•Productivity (defect fixation):
= actual number of defect fixed/ actual effort spent on defect fixation.

•Schedule variance for a phase: The deviation between plant and actual schedules for the phase within a project.
= actual calendar days for a phase- planned calendar days for a phase + start variance for a phase)/(planned calendar days for a phase)*100

•Effort variance for a phase :
=(actual effort for a phase- planned effort for a phase)/( planned effort for a phase)*100

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