Project Management Concept

The Product:

The scope of the software development must be established and bounded:

• Context: How does the software to the built fit into a larger system, product, or business context and what constraint are imposed as a result of the context?

• Information Objective - what customer visible data objects are produced as output from the software? What data object are required for input?

• Function and performance: What function does the software performance to transform input data into output? Are there any special performance characteristics to be addressed.

Software Project scope must be unambiguous and understand at both the "Managerial and Technical levels".

The Process:

The project manager must decide process model is most appropriate based on

The customer who have requested the product and the people who will do the work.

The characteristics of the product itself

The project environment in which the software team works <

The Project :

Planning and controlling a software project is done for one the primary reason. It is the only known way to manage complexity.

W5HH principle

A series of questions that like to add definition of the key project characteristic and resultant project plan.

•- why is the system being developed?
Assesses the validity of business reason and justifications.

•- what will be done?
Establishing the task set required for the project.

• -When will be done -
Establishes a project schedule.

• -Where are they organizationally located?
->Notes the organisational location of the team members, customers and other stakeholder.

•-Who is responsible for functional-
defines the role and responsibility of each member.

•- How will the job is done technically and managerially?
-> establishes the management and Technical strategy for the project.

•- how: much of each resources is needed?
-> Establishes estimates based on the answer to the previous questions.

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