Software Crisis

There are lots of meaning of term software crisis. First of all we go in history and what was the scenario at that time.

Hardware Oriented World: There was more focus on the hardware and software as people were more focusing on thathow instructions can be executed fast.Not on how bugs should be removed frequently.

Cost: Hardware vs Software
Rapid increase in software cost and Rapid fall in hardware cost need more resources and well defined and systematic model for software development.

Inexperienced Developer:
Developer were hardly one year of experienced old so quite difficult for them to fulfill all coding based requirement.

Failures in Big project:
Big failure in project cost government billions of dollars like

• 1) the North East blackout in 2003- has been major power system failures in the history of north which involves 100 power plants, 50 million customer faced problem, $ 6 million dollar financial loss.

• 2) Year 2000(Y2k) refers to the widespread snags in processing date after the Year 2000. In 1960-80 when shortened the four digit date format like 1972 to a 2 digit format like 72 because of "Limited Memory. Because of that 2000 was shortened to 00. Million dollar were spent to handle this problem.

• 3) Arian- 5 Space Rocket: In 1996, developed at cost of $7000 Million Dollars over a period of 10 years was destroyed within less than 1 minutes after its launch. As there was software bugs in rocket guidance system.

• 4) "Dollar 924 lakhs": In 1996, US bank credit accounts of nearly 800 customer with dollar 924 lakhs. This problem was due to main programming bug in the banking system.

• 5)1991 during Gulf War, :The USA use patriot missiles as a defence against Iraqi scud missile . However, patriot failed to hit the scud many times with cost life of 28 USA soldiers.In an inquiry it is found that a small bug had resulted in miscalculation of missile path.

User changing requirement:
As user changes its requirement slightly as world and technology changing rapidly.

What is Software Crisis :

The difficulty of writing the code for a computer program which is correct and understandable is referred to as software crisis.

or Software crisis is also referred to as inability to hire enough qualified programmers. software crisis image

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