Applications Of Software

The most significant factor in determining which software engineering methods and techniques are most important is the type of application that is being developed.

Different Types of Software Application

System Software: A collection of programs written to service other programs. Compiler, device driver, editors, file management.

Application software or stand alone program: It solves a specific Business needs. It is needed to convert the business function in real time. Example -point of sale, Transaction processing, real time manufacturing control.

Scientific / Engineering Software: Applications like based on astronomy, automative stress analysis , molecular Biology, volcanology, space Shuttle orbital dynamic, automated manufacturing.

Embedded Software: There are software control systems that control and manage hardware devices. Example- software in mobile phone, software in Anti Lock Braking in car, software in microwave oven to control the cooking process.

Product Line Software: It is designed to provide a specific capability for used by many different customers. It can focus on unlimited or esoteric Marketplace like inventory control products. Or address mass market place like : Spreadsheets, computer graphics, multimedia, entertainment, database management, personal, business financial applications.

Web application: It is also called " web apps ", are evolving into sophisticated computing environment that not only provide stand alone features, computing functions, and content to the end user but also are integrated with corporate database and business applications.

Artificial intelligence software:This include- robotic, expert system, pattern recognition, image and voice, artificial neural network, game playing, theorem proving ... It solves Complex problems. Artificial intelligence

12- Applications of Software - Software Engineering Tutorials In HINDI


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