Advantages and Disadvantages of Prototyping

Advantages of Prototyping:

User Involvement: This increases the user involvement in the product even before implementation.

Understanding System: Since a working model of the system is displayed, the user get a better understanding of the system is being developed.

Reduces Time And Cost: It reduces that time and cost as the error,bugs, defect can be detected much earlier.

Better Solutions: Quicker user feedback is available leading to the better solutions.

Functionality identification: Missed functionality can be identified easily.

User Satisfaction: Confusing or difficult functions can be identified earlier which gives a satisfaction to user.

Disadvantages of Prototyping:

Insufficient Requirement : Risk of insufficient requirement analysis owing to much dependency on prototyping.

CDonfusion By Prototype : User may get confused betweenin the prototype and actual system.

Rise system Complexity : As the scope of the system may extend beyond original plans which increases the complexity of the system.

No Technically Feasible Prototype : Developer may try to reuse the existing prototype to build the actual system, even when it is not technically feasible.

More Efforts Required : It requirements are monitored properly, effort invested in building prototype maybe too much.

07- Advantages and disadvantages of prototype model


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