Scalar Data Types: Characters

Specification of Characters

A character data type provides data objects that have a single character as their value. Set of values in character data type depends upon "Hardware and Operating System" like ASCII character set. and ordering of the characters in this character set is called Collecting Sequence And ordering given by the 'Relational Operations'.

Character set includes
• Spaces
• Digits
• Special character @,#,$,& etc.


Operations on character data include only

• Relational operations
• Assignment and
• To test character for- Letter, Digit, Special Character.


Implementation of Character Data Type

Character data values are almost directly supported by the underlying hardware and operating system because their use in input-output.
In C Character is declared implementation-of-character

ASCII value of character data type in C are

0 to 9 is 48 to 57/ ASCII value
A to z is 65 to 90
a to z is 97 to 122
And all remaining for special characters.

char a ; //declaration
a='A'; // initializing character data object with A
Where= A=65=1000001


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