Type Conversion And Coercion:

Explicit Type Conversion: Routines to change from data type to another.


Pascal: The function 'round'- converts a real type to integer

C: eg(int)x, for float x converts the value of x to type integer.

Coercion: Implicit type of conversion, performed by the system.

Pascal: + integer and real, integer is converted to real.

Java: Permits implicit coercion if operation is widening.

C Explicit cast must be given.

Two opposite approaches to type coercion:

• No Coercion, any type mismatch is considered an error, pascal, Ada.

• Coercion are the rule: Only if no conversion is possible, error is reported.

Advantages of Coercion:

It basically free the programmer from the low level concerns upto some level. as Adding two different data types i.e Real & int

Disadvantage of Coercion :

As programmer concerned to some level is reduced which may be that it hides some serious errors which will not be easy to point out.

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