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AnInterpreter is also a program that translates high level source code into Executable Code.

However the

Difference between a Compiler and an Interpreter

is that an interpreter translates one line at a time and then executes it. No object code is produced, and so the program has to be interpreted each time it is to be run.


Advantages of an Interpreter

• 1) Good at locating errors in the program

• 2) Debugging is easier since the interpreter stops when it encounters an error.

• 3) if an error is deducted there is an no need to re-translate the whole program.

• 4) It uses less memory as only few lines has to be into the memory because no object code.

Disadvantages of an interpreter:

• 1) Rather Slow: Speed is biggest disadvantage

• 2) no object code is produced, so translation has to be done every time the program is running.

• 3) For the program to run, the interpreter must be present.

Interpreter has to analyse each line of code (byte code) into machine code before it can be executed.

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