Characteristic of A Good Programming Language

There are various factors, why the programmers prefer one language over the another. And some of very good characteristics of a good programming language are,

1) Clarity, Simplicity And Unity: A Programming language provides both a conceptual framework for Algorithm planning and means of expressing them. It should provide a clear, simple and unified set of concepts that can be used as primitives in developing algorithms.

It should have

• It has minimum number of different concepts
•- with Rules for their combina-tion being
•-simple and regular.

This attribute is called conceptual integrity.

2) Orthogonality: It is one of the most important feature of PL orthogonality is the property that means " Changing A does not change B".

If I take Real world example of an orthogonal system Would be a radio, where changing the station does not change the volume and vice versa.

When the features of a language are orthogonal, language is easier to learn and programs are easier to write because only few exceptions and special cases to be remembered.

3) Support for Abstraction:- There is always found that a substantial gap remaining between the abstract data structure and operations that characterize the solution to a problem and their particular data structure and operations built into a language.

4) Programming Environment: An appropriate programming environment adds an extra utility and make language to be implemented easily like

The availability of- Reliable- Efficient - Well documentation

Speeding up creation and testing by-special Editors- testing packages

Facility- Maintaining and Modifying- Multi Version of program software product.


5) Ease of program verification:- Reusability:

The reusability of program written in a language is always a central concern. A program is checked by various testing technique like

Formal verification method Desk checking Input output test checking.

We verify the program by many more techniques. A language that makes program verification difficult maybe far more troublesome to use. Simplicity of semantic and syntactic structure is a primary aspect that tends to simplify program verification.

6) portability of programs: Programming language should be portable means it should be easy to transfer a program from which they are developed to the other computer.

A program whose definition is independent of features of a Particular machine forms can only support Portability. Example: Ada, FORTRAN, C, c++, Java.

02- Characteristics Of A Good Programming Languages


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