What is a process in Operating System ?

Process is a program in execution including the current values the program counter, Registers and variables. The difference between a process the programmers that the program is a group of instructions where is the process is the activity.

We write our computer program in a text file and when we execute this program, it becomes a process which performs all the tasks mentioned in the program.

When a program is loaded into the memory and it becomes a process, it can be divided into 4 section- stack, heap, text and data.

1) Stack- The process that contains the temporary data such as Method/ function, parameters, return address and local variables.

2) Heap- This is dynamically allocated memory to a process during its runtime.

3)Text-This includes the current activity represented by the value of program counter and contents of the processor's register.

4) Data-This section contains the all global and static variables.

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