Distributed Operating System:

Distributed system use multiple Central processor to serve multiple real time applications and multiple users. Data processing jobs are distributed among the processors accordingly.

Processors communicate with one another through various communication lines(such as high speed buses or telephone line). These are referred as loosely coupled system or distributed systems


Processor in a distributed system may vary in size and function. This processes are referred as site,nodes, computer and so on.

The advantages of distributed system are as follows:

• Resource sharing facility - by this an user at one site may be able to use the resources available at another site .

• Exchange of data by email- speed up the exchange of data with one another via Email.

• One fails other works- if one site fails in this system the remaining sites can potentially continues operating.

• Better service to the customer,

• reduction of the load on the host computer

• reduction of delays in data processing.

04-Operating System-Distributed Systems - Operating System Tutorial For Beginners In Hindi


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