Multi Level Indices

Multilevel indices is also one approach of indexing which comes under primary Indices for handling a file with 100000 records.

Let us suppose

 100000 records in a file 
 10 record per block 
  1 index per block 
  Then we need 10,000 index records. 
DBMS Records

Disadvantages In managing 100000 records:

• 1) To search this, binary search can be used but will have large cost.

• 2) 300 milisecond and 2100 millisecond for search index block and data block respectively.

• 3) if overflow block is used, binary search will not work and sequential search has to be used, means reading full blocks.

To overcome all these problems, an approach comes called multi level indices.

To solve large data block problem, we create another level of indices which we called multilevel indices:

Multi level indices

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