Client/Server Architecture: 3 Tier Architecture:

This is same as of 3 tier architecture:

In this data or response to the user group goes to 3 levels and these three levels are

- Client

- Application Server Or Web Server

- Database Server

1) Client : A client here stands an end user here it uses an application/ device it may be computer - mobile etc. with software or application. client

2) Server Application or Application Server Layer: In this layer data i.e this from the client is validated / check and then transferred to the database layer. This layer transfer data between client to database server. This layer uses web server / application to check request from client. It somewhere also converts the view of data according to client requirement. Application_Server

Database Server: This layer has all the data or we can say it is our main device or server which has all information. It take input / request from application layer then process the request and generate the response and forward it to the application server. Client server architecture

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