Responsibility of Database Administrator

Database Administrator is a person who has Central control of both the data and the programs that access those data.

Roles Database Administrator:

1) Knowledge Of Architecture He should have a very good knowledge of database architecture either it is follows 2 Tier archiecture or 3 tier archiecture or another architecture which helps in further design of the tables.

2) Schema Definition Creating Database Schema By DDL: He sholud have knowledge of Database Schema either it is logical schema or physical schema in order to provide efficiency to database.

3) Create Primary Storage Structure:He has to create the storage structure which includes many databasee related files like The Control File, Redo Log Files, Archive Log Files, Rollback Segments, Tablespaces, Datafiles Responsibility_of_DBA

4) Backup And Recovery:Basically it is the all plans, strategies and procedures involved in order to protect the database and their contents from being lost in order to reconstruct the database after any kind of data loss by any error or by any natural clamity like earth quake and fire in building or hacking.

5) Managing Database Storage: He has to view and manage the storage structures of database which we have discussed in creating storage structure.

6) Granting Of Authorisation of Data Access :He has to provide Authorization to user according to their control acess. It can be done by performing security checks of user IDs and passwords before users gain access.

7) Routine Maintenance: In technical term routine maintainance is known as "Vaccumming" the database. It has many tasks like:

Recovering Or Reusing Disk Space:DBA has keep eye on recovering or reusing disk space occupied by updated or deleted rows in order to save disk space and avoid lots of data wastage.

Updating Data Statistics: Responsibility of updating data statistics used by the PostgreSQL query planner: first question comes in mind what is PostgreSQL so it is (pronounced "post-gress-Q-L") is basically an open source relational database management system ( DBMS ) which was developed by a worldwide team of volunteers. It is not controlled by any corporation or other private company or organization and it is free source code which is freely available for users to use it.

To Update The Visibility map, which speeds up index-only scans.

To Protect Against loss of very old data due to Transaction ID wraparound.

8) Startup And Shutdown Database:

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