Network Database Model:

This model is designed with the concept of parents and children with their features and relationship.

The linkage or relationship between parent and child are described with the help of tree. An upside down tree structure is used. Branches are used to show relationship.

database System

• In network we can have multiple relationship with other. This feature makes the network Data Model more flexible.

M:N many to many relation is followed in this.

• This network models are mainly used on a large digital computers.

• Network data model look like cobweb or interconnected network of records.

database System

In this user from mobile /PDA devices insert a requestto payment of electricity bill.

• This request goes to firewall which for any kind viruses or false request.

• Then this request goes to web-server to check the validation or to do check regarding Requestion.

Then this request goes to application server where it converts the request according to the device where it has to be forwarded.

• And at the upper level this help, that is request is processed with the desktop,MVS and database.

• After the process of request it finally go to the payment processing gateway where it request is accepted and finally processed.

After final processing Gateway send a message i.e output regarding payment which goes to user.

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