Introduction to Database Management system


Stands Database Management System.


Data is any known fact or any smallest information that can be recorded and have implicit meaning.
Example: Deepak, BTech, 9999, IT


It is a collection of related data related data means if are collecting the information of an employee it should be related to employee only. And database should have collection of this employee data.

Related Data

Database system:

It is a system in which end user uses the Database Technology in order to achieve an organized, or a large number of dynamic associated data with the help of hardware, software (DBMS), operating system. database System

Database system:

Database system is composed of five major part which are Hardware, people, data, software (DBMS), and procedure.

Database management system:

It is a set of software program that allows users to create, date and update data in database file, and store and retrieve data from the database file. For example: Oracle, MS SQL server, MYSQL, SQL and, dB2(IBM)

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