Syllabus of computer architecture and organization

Computer Architecture and organization is basically 2nd year subject of Computer science Engineering and Information Technology of BTECH. Unit-1: General System Architecture: Store program control concept, Flynn’s classification of computers (SISD, MISD, MIMD); Multilevel viewpoint of a machine: digital logic, micro architecture, ISA, operating systems, high level language; structured organization; CPU, caches, main memory, secondary memory units & I/O; Performance metrics; MIPS, MFLOPS. Instruction Set Architecture: Instruction set based classification of processors (RISC, CISC, and their comparison); addressing modes: register, immediate, direct, indirect, indexed; Operations in the instruction set; Arithmetic and Logical, Data Transfer, Machine Control Flow; Instruction set formats (fixed, variable, hybrid); Language of the machine: 8086 ; simulation using MASM

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