Multiple Instruction And Multiple Data Streams And MIMD

In this Multiple Instruction Streams operate on Multiple Data Streams.

Therefore, handling Multiple Instruction Streams, Multiple Control Units and Multiple Processing Element are organised such that Multiple processing element are handling Multiple Data Stream from Main Memory.

Multiple Instruction Multple Data Stream

• The processors work on their own data with their own instructions.

• Task executed by different processor can start or finish at different times.

• They are not-lock-stepped, as in SIMD computers but run asynchronously.

In real sense MIMD organisation is said to be a parallel computer.

All multiprocessor system fall under this classification:

For Example

  • C.mmp
  • Burroughs D*25
  • Cray-2,
  • Crayx-MP
  • SI,
  • Pluribus
  • HEP

10- Flynn’s Classification Of Computers- MIMD- Multiple Instruction Multiple Data

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