05- What Is Parallel Processing In Computer Architecture



Instead of processing each instruction sequentially , we use a different technique called Parallel processing.

Parallel processing:-

This technique enables a system to perform concurrent data processing to achieve faster execution time.

for eg: -

• While an instruction is being executed in the ALU, the the next instruction can be read from memory.

• The system may have two or more values and be able to execute two or more instructions at the same time.

• A system may have two or more processor operating concurrently

So the purpose of parallel processing is to speed up the computer processing capabilities

for achieving this amount of hardware increases

Parallel Processing can be viewed from various level of complexity

At lowest level, we distinguish between parallel and serial operations by the type of registers used.

Shift Register: It operates in serial fashion 1 bit at a time while register with parallel load operates with all the bits of the words simultaneously.

Parallel processing at a higher level of complexity can be achieved by having a multiplicity of functional unit that performs identical or different operations simultaneously.

Proces Multiple Functional Unit

Parallel Processing Unit is established by distinguish the data among the multiple functional units.

For example

Block diagram Processor unit

The Arithmetic Logic and shift operations can be separated into 3 units and operant diverted to each unit under the supervision of control unit.

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