02- Store Program Control Concept- Introduction- CAO


' Computer Architecture And Organization'

General System Architecture

' Stored Program Control Concept '

This topic i.e 'Stored Program Control' concept refers that the architecture of a system /computer which follow the concepts of stored- program.

ENIAC:- The first electronic computer built out of vacuum tubes and relays based on Stored Program Concept in which in memory for use by machine in processing data.

ENIAC had a 'Control Board' on which the program were wired. A Rewiring of the control board was necessary for each computation sequence.

JOHN VON NEUMANN: a member of the 'Eckert-Manchly' team (developer of ENIAC), developed EDVAC, the first stored program computer.

When the 'EDVAC' was developed, at the same time, 'EDSAC', the first operational stored program machine, which also introduced the concept of primary and secondary memory hierarchy.

The structure of EDVAC established the organization of the stored program computer (Von- Neumann machine) , Which contains:

• An 'Input Device' through which data and instructions can be entered.

• A storage unit into which results can be entered and from which instructions and data can be fetched.

• An Arithmetic unit to process data.

• A control unit to fetch, interpret and execute the instruction from the storage.

• An Output to deliver the results to the user.

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