Difference Between Computer Architecture And Computer Organization

Computer Organization

1. Computer Organization is concerned with the way the hardware components operate and the way they are connected together to form computer system.

2. It includes Hardware details transparent to the programmer such as control signal and peripheral.

3. It describes how the computer performs. 4.Example: circuit design, control signals, memory types this all are under Computer Organization.

Computer Architecture

1. Computer Architecture is concerned with the structure and behavior of comp system as seen by the user.

2. It includes information ,formats,instruction set and techniques for addressing memory.

3. It describs what the computer does.

Computer Organization is realisation of what is specified by the computer architecture. It deals with how operational attributes are linked together to meet the requirements specified by computer architecture.Some organizational attributes are hardware details, control signals, peripherals.

Computer Architecture deals with giving operational attributes of the computer or Processor to be specific. It deals with details like physical memory, ISA of the processor, the no of bits used to represent the data types, Input Output mechanism and technique for addressing memories.


Say you are constructing a house, design and all low-level details come under computer architecture while building it brick by brick, connecting together keeping basic architecture in mind comes under Computer Organization.

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