Privacy Policies

Our website www.tutorialsspace.com is a website which provides tutorials to the student of BTech/B.E/ undergraduate/ graduate/ post graduate in the field of CSE-IT. So here we declare that at all website do not collect any kind of information of our visitors. We do not collect any kind of personal information like name of the our visitors their email ids, not any kind of IP address tracking and not even a single information. We here also declare that we do not use any kind of cookies to store the user behaviour and the searching information by the user. Here we do not have any kind of JavaScript which onclick generate Ads or frustrated pops or move to other website.

Our website do not have feature of making account on the website and then access to the information provided by our website. User can come navigate anywhere in our website to access information on tutorials like operating system pdf, software engineering tutorials PDF, c language tutorials, learning languages tutorials, database management system PDF, computer Architecture and Organisation PDF and their tutorials. We do not even charge any money for this tutorials this tutorials only for the help of students for other users.